Entertain up to 13, 1600#’s a combination adults and kids aboard these spacious pontoon boats with a hard top. This boat is available with or without captain. We have the only pontoons in Lake Tahoe with a slide off the top! If you have little kids you can put the slide so it touches the water. They accomodate up to 15 people for either the 27 or 23, they hold the same but the 23 is easier to drive.  We also have a 23 footer with a bimini top, not a hard top.

We book up July 1st- August 15th because the kids go back to school. You can bring your own beverages and food on the boats, keep potato chips to a minimum.

They have the ability to tow tubes but it’s slow for teens.  To make an Emerald Bay trip in one of our pontoons takes most of the day and is an 2 hours each way and an hour to go around the Island takes an hour because it’s a 5mph zone.We went with larger pontoon boats so they can handle the afternoon winds that sometimes come up on Tahoe, so start early.  During your briefing we’ll tell you the leeward and windward sides predicted for the day. On the windward side keep an eye out for the blue line to come across the lake so you don’t end up on the rocks, be prepared if the wind arises to get the boat a 1000 feet offshore in case of an engine failure you away from shore and we have time to get you. Although this rarely happens we always side on the caution aspect 100%.